Macaron Topped Cake

A custom made 6 layer 8 inch vanilla funfetti birthday cake filled with buttercream frosting. Covered with vanilla water colour dyed frosting, chocolate gold drips. Topped with delicious macarons.

Inspired Cream Puff Cake

A custom made 4 layer 8 inch vanilla and chocolate square cake filled with buttercream filling, Covered in fresh cream, fresh strawberries and kiwi. Topped with yummy cream puffs drizzled with dark chocolate ganache.

Alice in Wonderland Themed 3D Cake

A 2 tier Funfetti cake, top tier consists of 3 layer 4 inches and the bottom layer is 4 layer 6 inches. Wrapped with a custom designed Alice in Wonderland edible icing. Topped with a cupcake in a silicone cup, with blue icing. Finishing touches with piped vanilla icing and star candles.